Evening at a coffee shop. <3

Hey Dusty, I’m sure the answer to this is going to be a higher number than I can afford, but if I wanted to commission a sculpture of this from you, about how much would it cost me?

I assume it’s going to be pretty steep as it’s two characters plus furniture, but it’s something I would be willing to save up my money for as long as it’s not prohibitively expensive.

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"Fuck off Shaun I am taking a picture."


Photography in the summer

I hope to be this hard core of a photographer someday.

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been a while since I posted any pony stuff


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Hahaha, exactly the reaction I knew I’d get. That’s Arin a.k.a. Egoraptor, he makes stupid video game parodies and stars in Game Grumps as Grump.

Jameson has changed his icon to a picture of Danny, who stars as Not-So-Grump. Danny is also shouting, albeit in a not-so-grumpy way.

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Katie Sky - Monsters (Alex S Remix)

Hey I got posted on MADubstep! Aaaayyyyyyyyyy 

Hey Alex, question for ya!

How exactly does the MA dubstep channel work? They upload music from all kinds of artists and give them credit, and that’s awesome, I love being able to find new artists.

But do artists get compensated in any way for allowing MA dubstep to upload their music? Cause if artists uploaded it themselves, they could make some cash off the views.

I want to know, cause if MA dubstep is ripping off artists in any way whatsoever, I’ll go straight to the artists for their music. But if they’ve got a fair system going, I’ll continue to enjoy their channel.

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This is a very good idea for an au

The comics have already done one alternate universe. I’d like to see them stumble into another.

Though judging by the world shattering consequences that their last foray into an alternate universe almost had, I have a feeling the princess will be forbidding all alternate world research until further notice.

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Is this all life is? Making sure you’re future employer is satisfied with your online presence and job performance? Is that what it’s come to?

Nah dude, there’s so much more. You gotta find something you want, something you want to be, something you want to do, and work towards that with all your heart.

Wait, I saw that flash of “I want a nice car.” run through your eyes. Don’t think of something material, that won’t make you happy. You’ll finally get your Porsche 911 turbo, then they’re gonna come out with next year’s model and suddenly you’re dissatisfied. Don’t strive for a house, a car, a fat bank account, because you’ll never find fulfillment in material things.

Do you wanna be an awesome artist? Draw. Yeah, get a job that you don’t hate, but every spare moment you have, draw.

Do you wanna be a political mover and shaker? Get that job to provide for yourself, then study study study, learn learn learn, and start trying to make a difference in your area and start moving up.

Wanna be a contribution to ministry or humanitarian efforts? Provide for yourself, then start small. Help at a soup kitchen, have lunch with a homeless man, help your neighbor move. Then start building your own ministry/humanitarian effort.

Figure out what you want to be, find a way to sustain yourself for the present, but don’t get trapped. Make a plan for how you’re going to become what you want, then fight for it. Create a step ladder of goals to reach along the way, work your tail off until you reach your goals. Then start towards your next goal. Then your next.

It’s so satisfying to finally see your goal within reach, and so fulfilling to reach your first goal. The best part is, you know it’s only a step to something bigger. Your goals will grow with you as you achieve them. It’s a never ending path, and that sounds tiring, but it’s energizing to have a dream and to pursue it relentlessly.

Above all, never give up. Your dreams may change, your goals may adjust, but never ever give up.

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There is a legend…from the time when Equestria was founded.
Back then, there were some ponies who refused to migrate to the new land. “This is were I was born, and this is where I’ll die”, they’d say. And they stayed in the old country where they had always been, while the others moved to Equestria.
Hard they worked and little they gained, but they endured.
But the land changed them. As the windigos had turned it to ice, nourished by hate and envy, so now it turned their hearts to ice. The emptiness and solitude ate away at their souls, and no longer could they feel the warmth of compassion. Instead they turned to deceiving one another, to survive.
One day one of them said: “I wonder how our relatives in the new country are doing. Surely they cannot be worse off than us.” And they decided to go to Equestria.
But the Equestrians expulsed them, horrified at their appearance. Empty were their eyes, and corroded were their bodies, as were their hearts and souls.
The intruders decided to linger. In their former brethren’s hearts they could feel the warmth and compassion that they themselves were lacking. So they started tunneling the land, hiding in caves and snatching away ponies in the dark of night, replacing them with their own, so that they might feed upon that compassion. They had gotten good at being deceiving.

Credit goes to Spyling for the original idea of this (super cool) creation myth.

That’s a fun headcanon…

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